Today’s Readings

July 18th 2019

Proverbs 1: 1 - 2: 22

The Value of Proverbs
1 The proverbs of Solomon, son of David and king of Israel.
2Here are proverbs that will help you to recognize wisdom and good advice, and understand sayings with deep meaning.3They can teach you how to live intelligently and how to be honest, just, and fair.4They can make an inexperienced person clever and teach young people how to be resourceful.5These proverbs can even add to the knowledge of the wise and give guidance to the educated,6so that they can understand the hidden meanings of proverbs and the problems that the wise raise.

John 12: 20 - 43

Some Greeks Seek Jesus
20Some Greeks were among those who had gone to Jerusalem to worship during the festival.21They went to Philip (he was from Bethsaida in Galilee) and said, “Sir, we want to see Jesus.”
22Philip went and told Andrew, and the two of them went and told Jesus.23Jesus answered them, “The hour has now come for the Son of Man to receive great glory.24I am telling you the truth: a grain of wheat remains no more than a single grain unless it is dropped into the ground and dies. If it does die, then it produces many grains.25 Those who love their own life will lose it; those who hate their own life in this world will keep it for life eternal.26Whoever wants to serve me must follow me, so that my servant will be with me where I am. And my Father will honour anyone who serves me.