Old Testament in a year – Day 161

1 Chronicles 14: 1 - 16: 43

1Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David with cedar trees, masons, and carpenters, to build him a house. 2David perceived that the LORD had established him king over Israel; for his kingdom was exalted on high, for his people Israel’s sake. 3David took more wives at Jerusalem, and David became the father of more sons and daughters. 4These are the names of the children whom he had in Jerusalem: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, 5Ibhar, Elishua, Elpelet, 6Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 7Elishama, Beeliada, and Eliphelet.
8When the Philistines heard that David was anointed king over all Israel, all the Philistines went up to seek David; and David heard of it, and went out against them. 9Now the Philistines had come and made a raid in the valley of Rephaim. 10David enquired of God, saying, “Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will you deliver them into my hand?”
The LORD said to him, “Go up; for I will deliver them into your hand.”
11So they came up to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there. David said, God has broken my enemies by my hand, like waters breaking out. Therefore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim. 12They left their gods there; and David gave a command, and they were burnt with fire.
13The Philistines made a another raid in the valley. 14David enquired again of God; and God said to him, “You shall not go up after them. Turn away from them, and come on them opposite the mulberry trees. 15When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then go out to battle; for God has gone out before you to strike the army of the Philistines.”
16David did as God commanded him; and they attacked the army of the Philistines from Gibeon even to Gezer. 17The fame of David went out into all lands; and the LORD brought the fear of him on all nations.
1David made himself houses in David’s city; and he prepared a place for God’s ark, and pitched a tent for it. 2Then David said, “No one ought to carry God’s ark but the Levites. For the LORD has chosen them to carry God’s ark, and to minister to him forever.”
3David assembled all Israel at Jerusalem, to bring up the LORD’s ark to its place, which he had prepared for it. 4David gathered together the sons of Aaron and the Levites: 5of the sons of Kohath, Uriel the chief, and his brothers one hundred and twenty; 6of the sons of Merari, Asaiah the chief, and his brothers two hundred and twenty; 7of the sons of Gershom, Joel the chief, and his brothers one hundred and thirty; 8of the sons of Elizaphan, Shemaiah the chief, and his brothers two hundred; 9of the sons of Hebron, Eliel the chief, and his brothers eighty; 10of the sons of Uzziel, Amminadab the chief, and his brothers one hundred and twelve. 11David called for Zadok and Abiathar the priests, and for the Levites, for Uriel, Asaiah, Joel, Shemaiah, Eliel, and Amminadab, 12and said to them, “You are the heads of the fathers’ households of the Levites. Sanctify yourselves, both you and your brothers, that you may bring the ark of the LORD, the God of Israel, up to the place that I have prepared for it. 13For because you didn’t carry it at first, the LORD our God broke out in anger against us, because we didn’t seek him according to the ordinance.”
14So the priests and the Levites sanctified themselves to bring up the ark of the LORD, the God of Israel. 15The children of the Levites bore God’s ark on their shoulders with its poles, as Moses commanded according to the LORD’s word. 16David spoke to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brothers as singers with instruments of music, stringed instruments, harps, and cymbals, sounding aloud and lifting up their voices with joy. 17So the Levites appointed Heman the son of Joel; and of his brothers, Asaph the son of Berechiah; and of the sons of Merari their brothers, Ethan the son of Kushaiah; 18and with them their brothers of the second rank, Zechariah, Ben, Jaaziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Benaiah, Maaseiah, Mattithiah, Eliphelehu, Mikneiah, Obed-Edom, and Jeiel, the doorkeepers. 19So the singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, were given cymbals of bronze to sound aloud; 20and Zechariah, Aziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Maaseiah, and Benaiah, with stringed instruments set to Alamoth; 21and Mattithiah, Eliphelehu, Mikneiah, Obed-Edom, Jeiel, and Azaziah, with harps tuned to the eight-stringed lyre, to lead. 22Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was over the singing. He taught the singers, because he was skilful. 23Berechiah and Elkanah were doorkeepers for the ark. 24Shebaniah, Joshaphat, Nethanel, Amasai, Zechariah, Benaiah, and Eliezer, the priests, blew the trumpets before God’s ark; and Obed-Edom and Jehiah were doorkeepers for the ark.
25So David, the elders of Israel, and the captains over thousands, went to bring the ark of the LORD’s covenant up out of the house of Obed-Edom with joy. 26When God helped the Levites who bore the ark of the LORD’s covenant, they sacrificed seven bulls and seven rams. 27David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, as were all the Levites who bore the ark, the singers, and Chenaniah the choir master with the singers; and David had an ephod of linen on him. 28Thus all Israel brought the ark of the LORD’s covenant up with shouting, with sound of the cornet, with trumpets, and with cymbals, sounding aloud with stringed instruments and harps. 29As the ark of the LORD’s covenant came to David’s city, Michal the daughter of Saul looked out at the window, and saw king David dancing and playing; and she despised him in her heart.
1They brought in God’s ark, and set it in the middle of the tent that David had pitched for it; and they offered burnt offerings and peace offerings before God. 2When David had finished offering the burnt offering and the peace offerings, he blessed the people in the LORD’s name. 3He gave to everyone of Israel, both man and woman, to everyone a loaf of bread, a portion of meat, and a cake of raisins. 4He appointed some of the Levites to minister before the LORD’s ark, and to commemorate, to thank, and to praise the LORD, the God of Israel: 5Asaph the chief, and second to him Zechariah, then Jeiel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Mattithiah, Eliab, Benaiah, Obed-Edom, and Jeiel, with stringed instruments and with harps; and Asaph with cymbals, sounding aloud; 6with Benaiah and Jahaziel the priests with trumpets continually, before the ark of the covenant of God.
7Then on that day David first ordained to give thanks to the LORD, by the hand of Asaph and his brothers.
8Oh give thanks to the LORD.
Call on his name.
Make what he has done known amongst the peoples.
9Sing to him.
Sing praises to him.
Tell of all his marvellous works.
10Glory in his holy name.
Let the heart of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
11Seek the LORD and his strength.
Seek his face forever more.
12Remember his marvellous works that he has done,
his wonders, and the judgements of his mouth,
13you offspring of Israel his servant,
you children of Jacob, his chosen ones.
14He is the LORD our God.
His judgements are in all the earth.
15Remember his covenant forever,
the word which he commanded to a thousand generations,
16the covenant which he made with Abraham,
his oath to Isaac.
17He confirmed it to Jacob for a statute,
and to Israel for an everlasting covenant,
18saying, “I will give you the land of Canaan,
The lot of your inheritance,”
19when you were but a few men in number,
yes, very few, and foreigners in it.
20They went about from nation to nation,
from one kingdom to another people.
21He allowed no man to do them wrong.
Yes, he reproved kings for their sakes,
22“Don’t touch my anointed ones!
Do my prophets no harm!”
23Sing to the LORD, all the earth!
Display his salvation from day to day.
24Declare his glory amongst the nations,
and his marvellous works amongst all the peoples.
25For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised.
He also is to be feared above all gods.
26For all the gods of the peoples are idols,
but the LORD made the heavens.
27Honour and majesty are before him.
Strength and gladness are in his place.
28Ascribe to the LORD, you relatives of the peoples,
ascribe to the LORD glory and strength!
29Ascribe to the LORD the glory due to his name.
Bring an offering, and come before him.
Worship the LORD in holy array.
30Tremble before him, all the earth.
The world also is established that it can’t be moved.
31Let the heavens be glad,
and let the earth rejoice!
Let them say amongst the nations, “The LORD reigns!”
32Let the sea roar, and its fullness!
Let the field exult, and all that is in it!
33Then the trees of the forest will sing for joy before the LORD,
for he comes to judge the earth.
34Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,
for his loving kindness endures forever.
35Say, “Save us, God of our salvation!
Gather us together and deliver us from the nations,
to give thanks to your holy name,
to triumph in your praise.”
36Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel,
from everlasting even to everlasting.
All the people said, “Amen,” and praised the LORD.
37So he left Asaph and his brothers there before the ark of the LORD’s covenant, to minister before the ark continually, as every day’s work required; 38and Obed-Edom with their brothers, sixty-eight; Obed-Edom also the son of Jeduthun and Hosah to be doorkeepers; 39and Zadok the priest, and his brothers the priests, before the LORD’s tabernacle in the high place that was at Gibeon, 40to offer burnt offerings to the LORD on the altar of burnt offering continually morning and evening, even according to all that is written in the LORD’s law, which he commanded to Israel; 41and with them Heman and Jeduthun, and the rest who were chosen, who were mentioned by name, to give thanks to the LORD, because his loving kindness endures forever; 42and with them Heman and Jeduthun with trumpets and cymbals for those that should sound aloud, and with instruments for the songs of God; and the sons of Jeduthun to be at the gate. 43All the people departed, each man to his house; and David returned to bless his house.
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